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Welcome To The Family, Zoe Harmer

Meet Zoe Harmer, age 47, she lives in Portsmouth. She’s a huge music festival fan, attending the Isle of Wight festival for 13 years in a row!  

After completing her training in December and starting her business just 1 month ago, she has already booked 9 holidays, including a £17,500 Orlando booking with business class flights, for someone she’s never met before.

‘I’m 47 now, time is ticking on a bit and I wanted to be my own boss.

Now that I have an instant travel business this is something I can do until I retire.

I was completely fed up with being undervalued by the companies I worked for. I was putting in so many hours, 12-13 hours a day in my last role and I was only being paid for 7.5 hours. 

I want to be the creator of my own destiny.’

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Zoe on Safari in Sri Lanka

Which franchise package did you choose and why?

‘I choose the Lite package because it was more affordable. You’re only tied in for a year, and there’s always an opportunity to upgrade to the higher options, which have more benefits if you’ve done well at the end of your 1st year.

This flexibility made me feel like I wasn’t signing my life away.’ 

Zoe enjoying the mountain views in Iceland

You’ve been in business for 1 month and you already have 9 bookings, can you tell us a bit about them?

‘Absolutely. One of the most exciting bookings I’ve had so far is a big family holiday to Orlando, including car hire and Disney park tickets. It came in at £17,500!

I got an unexpected WhatsApp message one evening saying ‘I’m looking for a family trip to Orlando, I’d like business class flights, and a 5-star hotel please’. 

Turns out the guy who messaged me is a neighbour of someone I’ve never met called Emma.

Emma was a Not Just Travel franchisee like me before she went on to sell her successful travel business.

Emma kindly posted about me and my new travel business on her Facebook page and this guy must have seen it.

The majority of the bookings have been for family and friends. 

I also got a really cool booking from a lady who I worked with many years ago, she is doing a road trip with her 17-year-old son across America.’

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

‘I started looking online back in May 2020. I spent a lot of time searching for Travel Franchises. I looked at them all.

I went through all the Trustpilot reviews, across Not Just Travel the customer-facing side of the business, and The Travel Franchise.

I had 3 calls with the Co-Founder Paul over a period of time. There was never any pressure to join which felt nice.

The amount of information provided on the website made it feel like nothing was hidden. The company is very open and transparent about everything.’

Zoe enjoying a Sunset hot air balloon ride in Sri Lanka

How would you describe your experience since joining?

‘The welcome has been amazing. Everyone is so friendly.

About 10 minutes after signing my redundancy package, a surprise delivery arrived at my door, welcoming me to the Not Just Travel family.

The pack of chocolates which I received after my first-ever holiday booking was a lovely touch too.

It made me feel more valued than I had ever felt anywhere else.

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