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We’re the travel industry’s first ever Sustainability Champion of the Year

Another award’s just been added to our growing collection – and we’re honoured to receive it.

We’ve just been voted the first ever Sustainability Champion of the Year (Large Agency).

The award came at last night’s travel industry Agent Achievement Awards, held at London’s Park Plaza Westminster Hotel.

The award winners are selected based on voting by travel industry suppliers including tour operators, airlines, cruise lines and tourist boards, with some categories decided by panels of expert judges.

These awards are the highest accolade for travel agencies and agents. They’re designed to honour those who truly represent the best of the travel industry and recognise excellence. The glittering awards ceremony was held in front of more than 600 guests in London, in association with headline sponsor Virgin Atlantic, and was hosted by television and radio favourite Vernon Kay alongside Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Lucy Huxley.

Winning is a huge endorsement from the industry.

We’re investing into the future of our business and supporting franchisees, with over £1m of recent investment and far more announced at our latest conference.

But this award means the industry particularly recognises the work we – and hundreds of our franchisees – are doing to promote sustainability and greener travel.

A major part of we’re doing is part of our Climate Hero programme.

And it’s a massive thank you to all our consultant’s customers. The programme has already raised tens-of-thousands of pounds to support sustainability projects both here and around the world.

The projects include:

Protecting Seagrass Meadows & Kelp Forests in Portugal 

Seagrasses and Kelp can lock up carbon at a rate 30 times faster than trees. They also improve water quality and provide crucial nursing grounds for fish, dolphins, as well as seahorses.

Now that’s something to feel good about!

With the support of our customers, we’re helping to turn the tide on the sad state of our oceans.

Supporting Research To Better Protect Sea Otters In California

Sea otters are a keystone species, whose position in the food chain is crucial to keeping the ecosystem balanced. 

By preying on sea urchins, who graze on kelp, they ensure the health of kelp forests and protect the many other species that thrive there. 

Along the coast, marine recreation is growing and this is having significant consequences for the Southern Sea otter. With our customers’ support, we’re helping to better protect these cute climate heroes.

Restoring the Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands 

This will help to lock up carbon and bring the landscape back to a wilder state with every booking. 

Historically, much of the Scottish Highlands were covered in a forest of majestic Scots pine and colourful trees. They were home to a diversity of plants and animals. The landscape today is empty of these unique woodlands and many of the species that once thrived here have been lost. 

You can watch a update about the project from our partners Mossy Earth here:

We’re proud to be recognised as leading the way for sustainable travel… but we’re just getting started.

Our hope is that it helps promote sustainability across the entire industry. And we certainly plan to do even more to grow our contributions in 2022 and beyond, as there has never been a more important time. 

Co-founder Steve Witt said:

“The protection of the planet should be one of our top priorities in business and life, so we are very proud to receive this award to recognise the hard work of our team. The success of our Climate Hero project also shows just how important environmental concerns are to our clients. However, this is just the start as we plan to expand our campaigns to support sustainability and socially responsible projects over the coming year.”

Get access to Climate Hero with your franchise

When you start your travel agency, you’re automatically eligible to be part of the Climate Hero programme.

It allows customers to make an optional contribution from their trips, to support lots of different projects.

We make it easy for you, your customers – and the planet – to benefit, as our Climate Hero team will have everything in place for you to participate from day 1. 

Adding the contributions from customers is easy when you make bookings. 

And you’ll get all the marketing materials & help you need, with graphics, social posts, pre-written emails, videos and webinars all created for you to take advantage of.

Customers already want to be part of the solution

A study by The Institute of Customer Service predicts that environmental sustainability will continue to grow in importance.

They state it could become one of the key purchase factors for up to 55% of customers within the next 5 years. 

The research also revealed that:

  • 75% of consumers expect businesses to help them be greener and 
  • 83% of consumers say businesses should be doing more to be environmentally sustainable.

It’s clear that doing the right thing can be a huge positive for your business too.

Our travel agency owners have seen huge success by having the Climate Hero initiative as part of their business.

Travel Consultant Alison Claire Cooper told us:

“In a meeting the other week, I just said a one-liner about the Climate Hero and immediately got a new connection who wants to book through us because of it!”

And Rachel Tredwell (pictured above) has been featured in multiple business titles, speaking about the benefits of the programme. She said:

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from existing customers, new prospects and local businesses when they hear about Climate Hero. We all know people respond to stories and, when your holiday can help reverse centuries of ecological damage, these stories are worth telling.”

Would you like to own a travel business that gives back? Watch our online presentation to learn more.

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