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What a fantastic evening at our Head Office!

We are pleased to have welcomed many of you who wanted to learn more about The Travel Franchise and see our head office operation last Wednesday! Many members of staff also stayed behind after work to chat with prospects and explain how they support our consultants and what their role is here at Not Just Travel.

Each prospect was offered a guided tour of our head office. They met with members of our team including sales, marketing, operations, accounting and more. In the last 12 months our operation has nearly doubled in size. This is due to our commitments to each franchisee in ensuring our brand is associated with superior service and professionalism.

Here are just some of the benefits of joining with Not Just Travel, and all of this and more is included in your monthly management fee:

Our operations team are one of the main areas of support for consultants in the field. As such, we have invested heavily in increasing the team size and training all staff to maintain their excellent service. Operations take care of all the back office processing for bookings. Leaving you to focus on building relationships and securing sales. Travel is a very admin-heavy industry, but franchisees with us can sit back and enjoy their commission while we take care of the admin for you!

Click here to read some more information about some of the back office support we provide

Our marketing team have brought some amazing talent into the business to promote our brand. We have a dedicated copy-writing team creating blog content, social media posts and also working on our websites to ensure everything we write presents itself in a professional, impressionable way. We have a graphic design team creating some amazing graphics for use online, promoting new offers and sales incentives.

30% off… Just a glimpse at the many offers we can pass on to our consultants to promote

Our marketing team work closely with suppliers to negotiate new deals and offers we can promote to customers. As well as the offer we supply professional graphics for free! Customers are far more likely to enquire about an offer when it is presented so well.

IT Support is an area often overlooked in business. Our philosophy is always to ensure the relevant investments are made in the correct areas. Our IT team are always on hand to assist in IT support, as well as working on new special projects keeping us at the cutting edge of technology. An enormous investment has been made in the redesign of consultant’s websites, and we are excited to be rolling these changes out very shortly.

If you missed the opportunity to come and see our head office operation, don’t worry! We will be holding Discovery Days throughout the year in the UK where you can come and listen to Steve and Paul’s exciting journey and find out how becoming a consultant with us can change your life.

Ready to make the next step? Click here to complete a form and speak to Paul! Remember – it is important to have watched all of the videos in the education centre before you proceed any further

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