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What are the best travel podcasts?

What are the best travel podcasts?

Travel podcasts have gained significant popularity in recent years, the industry has experienced tremendous growth, and travel podcasts have been a part of this trend.

This popularity can be attributed to several factors. First, the rise of podcasting as a medium has made it easier for people to consume audio content on the go, making travel podcasts convenient for those seeking entertainment or information during their journeys. Additionally, travel podcasts offer a unique and immersive way to explore different destinations and learn about travel experiences, which appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Travel podcasts cater to various interests within the travel community, including adventure travellers, digital nomads, budget travellers, luxury travellers, and cultural enthusiasts. This diverse range of content allows for a broader appeal and attracts a dedicated and passionate audience.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have led many people to seek out virtual travel experiences, and travel podcasts have provided a way to satisfy their wanderlust. These podcasts have allowed listeners to vicariously travel and plan future trips while staying connected to the travel community.

Overall, travel podcasts have seen steady growth and continue to gain popularity as a medium for sharing travel stories, providing tips and advice, and inspiring people to explore the world.

Exploring travel podcasts

A travel podcast is an audio programme that explores and shares information about various travel destinations, experiences, and tips. It typically features hosts or travel enthusiasts discussing their adventures, providing recommendations, and sharing stories from their journeys worldwide.

Travel podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to travel, such as destination guides, travel hacks and tips, solo travel experiences, cultural insights, cuisine, sustainable tourism, and much more. Some podcasts may include interviews with experts, locals, or fellow travellers to provide diverse perspectives and insights.

Listening to travel podcasts is a great way to gather inspiration, plan your own trips, learn about different cultures, and virtually explore various destinations. It allows you to immerse yourself in the experiences of others, get valuable travel advice, and discover hidden gems you may not have otherwise known about. Whether you’re an avid traveller or simply love exploring new places, travel podcasts can be a fantastic source of entertainment and information.

What are the benefits of listening to travel podcasts?

Travel podcasts offer several benefits to listeners, including:

  • Inspiration: Travel podcasts inspire listeners to explore new destinations and embark on adventures. Hearing about other travellers’ experiences, stories, and insights can ignite a sense of wanderlust and encourage individuals to plan their own trips
  • Destination guides: Many podcasts provide comprehensive destination guides that cover everything from must-visit attractions to off-the-beaten-path gems. These are valuable resources for travellers looking to plan their itineraries and make the most of their time in a particular place
  • Virtual travel experiences: When unable to travel physically, travel podcasts provide a virtual experience. Listeners can explore different destinations, learn about their history and culture, and imagine themselves being there
  • Insider tips: Podcasters often share insider tips and tricks to help listeners navigate their journeys more effectively. These tips may include advice on finding the best deals, avoiding tourist traps, or getting the most authentic experiences
  • Cultural insights: Travel podcasts often delve into the cultural aspects of different destinations, offering insights into local customs, traditions, cuisine, and more. Understanding the cultural context of a place enhances the travel experience and fosters a deeper connection with local communities
  • Practical advice: Providing practical advice on topics such as budgeting, solo travel, safety tips, packing essentials, and transportation options, podcasts offer insights that help listeners plan their trips more efficiently and overcome potential challenges
  • Entertainment: Travel podcasts often feature captivating storytelling, interviews with interesting guests, and humorous anecdotes, making them enjoyable to listen to during commutes, workouts, or leisure time

Top travel podcasts

Travel podcasts are an excellent resource for anyone interested in travel. They provide free inspiration for your next trip, offer practical advice for planning and executing your travels, and entertain you with exciting stories from around the world.

UK travel podcasts

Many UK travel podcasts exist, focusing on destinations within the United Kingdom, offering insights on the best places to visit, unique cultural experiences, historical sites, natural attractions, and more.

London Visited

No visit to the UK would be complete without a trip to London. This incredible capital city has everything if you’re seeking culture, history, sightseeing, or shopping. Whether you are a regular visitor, planning a holiday, or just an armchair explorer, this podcast shares the facts and history of some unique London locations.

American Idiots Abroad

This hilarious bi-weekly podcast follows two Americans who have moved to England. Listen in as they and their local and international guests get to grips with all the language and cultural differences they encounter. Definitely one not to miss!

Adventures in North Wales

In this podcast, Megan Llyn looks at everything North Wales has to offer, from outdoor adventures, incredible beaches, mountain scenery and its ancient history and culture. Whether you are looking for somewhere to visit, or just want to discover more, this podcast will give you some great ideas of the best things to see and do.

Travel with Rich – UK Campervan Travel

Travel with Rich allows you to share his family’s adventures as they travel around the UK in their VW California Campervan. Live vicariously through his accounts of their trips, and learn more about the areas they visit. 

Love Travel Scotland

Follow the entrepreneur, world traveller and mum of four, Yvette MacDonald, as she finds out about Scotland’s best-kept secrets. Discover the country’s best pubs, castles, culture and excursions, all from the comfort of your armchair!

Global travel podcasts 

Global travel podcasts inform, inspire, and entertain listeners interested in travel, offering a way to explore the world from the comfort of your home or on the go.

The Travel Podcast

All The Travel Franchise consultants have the exciting opportunity to share exclusive audio content – The Travel Podcast, with potential and existing customers. The podcast brings together the finest destination specialists to discuss must-see global spots and promises to deliver enjoyable experiences filled with fun, joy, and a sense of wanderlust.

Every episode of The Travel Podcast is a treasure trove of insights. Presenter Steve Witt delves into the latest developments in the travel industry to keep franchisees informed. He ignites imagination and fuels travel dreams with inspiring content for forthcoming getaways. Moreover, he offers insider knowledge on attractive holiday deals to help plan trips in the most cost-effective manner. Plus, Witt keeps current with travel trends and topics, ensuring listeners are always in the know about all things travel-related.

Not Lost

This podcast by Brendan Francis Newman combines two of our favourite topics, travel and food! Follow Brendan as he travels around the world, taking in some of the world’s most incredible culinary destinations. From Europe to America, he shares the stories of the people he encounters.

Greetings From Somewhere

In Greetings from Somewhere, Zack Mack takes you with him as he embarks on a road trip around America. This podcast combines travel writing with investigative journalism and creates a show that’s not to be missed.

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase 

Betty Thesky discusses her time as an international flight attendant. She shares her top tips for international travel while weaving in anecdotes, diary extracts and interviews from her days at 30,000 feet.

Travel podcasts offering industry insights and trends

Travel podcasts that deliver industry insights and trends are dedicated to providing listeners an in-depth understanding of the travel industry. These podcasts are typically hosted by travel professionals, industry experts, or enthusiasts who share their knowledge about the latest travel news, trends, and developments.

Listeners can expect to hear about emerging destinations, travel regulations, technological advancements, new accommodation options, and airline updates. 

These podcasts aim to keep travel enthusiasts and industry professionals informed about the evolving landscape of travel and tourism and to provide valuable insights, enhancing their travel experiences or business practices.

Destination On The Left

Destination on the Left looks at marketing ideas, best practices and collaborations in the travel and tourism industry. There are interviews with industry leaders and destination marketers, businesses and consultants. The podcast shares the knowledge and successes travel and tourism professionals have gained over the years.

The Digital Tourism Show

Chris Torres shares his unique insights into marketing your travel and tourism business in his podcast. From websites and social media marketing, Torres gives you everything you need to help you increase your bookings and revenue.

No Vacancy Live and No Vacancy News

Glenn Haussman is well-known in the travel industry, where he’s a regular speaker, consultant and writer. In his podcast, he goes behind the scenes in the hotel and travel industry and speaks to CEOs, industry leaders and influencers.

Unlocking the world, one episode at a time

In conclusion, travel podcasts are an invaluable free resource for all, from casual tourists to seasoned travellers and industry professionals. These audio gems encapsulate a wealth of benefits that make them an integral part of any travel enthusiast’s toolkit.

You can stay abreast of the latest industry insights and trends by tuning into travel podcasts, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready for your next adventure. They bring the world to your doorstep, introducing you to diverse destinations, cultures, and experiences you may have yet to discover.

Travel podcasts allow you to benefit from a broad range of perspectives and topics, enhancing your understanding of the intricate world of travel and tourism.

Dive into the thrilling universe of travel podcasts. Find your inspiration, dream about future journeys, and let your wanderlust guide you.

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