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What did our franchisees think of their free Elite Experience in Jamaica?

After spending a week in sun-kissed Jamaica on our Elite Experience earlier this month, it’s back to their home-based offices for 30 of our agents. 

However, for this recent cohort, it’s anything but ‘business as usual’. 

You see, these mentorship and training retreats – which are FREE and offered to every single one of our Elite agents – don’t just incorporate classroom-style workshops but they are a prime opportunity to review the ‘usual’ and shake things up, encouraging consultants to think about their businesses more strategically. 

Hosting the event and heading up the week’s training was our very own co-founder Paul Harrison. 

“These weeks are all about developing that entrepreneurial mindset. It’s about setting goals and working out how you’re going to get there; using your time to grow the business rather than getting caught up in the daily operations. It’s about working smarter. I love these weeks. But what I love even more is seeing the consultants go back to the office and implement what they’ve learnt and then seeing their businesses blossom. For many agents, these few days are transformational.” 

So what did our travel consultants think?

“The workshops were really thought provoking. They helped me think about where I want my business to go and how I’m going to get there. Paul asks some pretty blunt questions at times and makes you really think about things – with some dodgy jokes thrown in,” says Jo.

Travel consultant Ashlie also returned invigorated.

 “To simply have time to think about my business and where I want it to go and how I can make that happen was really good. “I’ve come away feeling much more driven, like I know where I’m going and what I want to be doing,”

Consultant Pete now believes he can set his goals higher.

“Paul has inspired me and my wife to grow our business on a much faster and higher trajectory than I had ever imagined we could. I’ve come away with loads of tips, techniques and strategies and will be putting some business disciplines in place that I hadn’t been doing before. “ 

Meanwhile, Erika had a lightbulb moment…

“This week gave me the realisation that I’m actually a travel business owner and not just somebody who books travel.”

The retreat, which took place at The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa,  also gave agents the chance to meet some of our key trade partners – in particular, Gold Medal and our hosts from Palladium Hotel Group. 

“It was great to pick their brains, to learn about things from their perspective. It really helps you to become more authoritative with your customers,” says Jo. 

And, of course, it was a prime opportunity to spend a week with fellow consultants, to exchange tips, share challenges and make new friends. 

“Being in the company of like-minded travel consultants; working with them; playing with them; sharing ideas and opportunities – we got so much out of that on its own. You can’t put a measure on the value of that. It was a bonding experience,” says Pete.

Consultant Nong agrees: “I think the culture with Not Just Travel is that everyone genuinely wants everyone to do well. I think that is such a unique thing.”

Luckily for Jo, she didn’t let the nerves get to her.

“I was a bit apprehensive meeting 30-odd people for the first time – but what a fabulous crowd. Some great friendships were made, and obviously in rather a lovely location for a week of coaching and training.”

Yes, beyond the classroom, Jamaica was primed for exploring with all 30 consultants now confidently able to recommend and book holidays to the island.

“We did most of the jewels of the crown of the island in terms of experiencing what our customers would probably want to experience when they visit,” says Pete. 

Not only did consultants get to experience the legendary Rick’s Cafe, which is one of the top 10 beach bars in the world, they also watched cliff diving while having a rum punch and many a stunning sunset.

The whole experience has left our consultants on a high. 

“I’m still buzzing, to be honest. The whole week was a great balance between very focused training, some really exciting off-site experiences and even a little bit of relaxation thrown in,” says Pete.

In fact, Jo is still trying to convince her family that she was on a work trip.

“It was fabulous, but I keep saying to everybody at home: ‘It wasn’t a holiday’!”

If you’d like to benefit from this kind of training – not to mention have the chance to explore a luxury destination like Jamaica, Mexico or Mauritius – then research our most popular Elite franchise package. You can start by watching our series of short Discovery videos here or order a free magazine to find out more. 

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