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What does a Not Just Travel Customer look like?

2 months ago, we wrote about the amazing diversity we have of consultants in our business. There are many reasons why purchasing a travel franchise attracts people from such a broad range of backgrounds, and also many reasons why purchasing a franchise from us is so popular.

A common question we receive from prospective franchisees is “who are my customers and how will I find them?”

In the UK, 54 million people will go on holiday this year. That means 4 out of every 5 people in the country will be purchasing a holiday of some variation. With over 200 suppliers offering holidays to every destination in the world, Not Just Travel have the ability to turn every one of these people into a new customer.

With the extensive training and mentorship programmes that we offer, we are confident we provide every franchsiee with the skills required to market and sell the amazing deals that we have. At The Travel Franchise, you never have to convince someone to purchase the product; only to purchase it from you.

Would you like to work in an industry where 80% of the people you speak to want to buy the product you sell? Would you like to own your own business in an industry that is one of the fastest growing in the world? Would you like to be supported by a company with industry leading innovations in support and mentorship?

70 franchisees have already graduated from our 2019 training classes, with 10 more starting next week to learn all about just how comprehensive our holiday range is. This is why we know that a Not Just Travel customer could be anyone! And a Not Just Travel consultant could be you!

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