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What does a Not Just Travel franchisee look like?

We are ecstatic at the amazing diversity of consultants we have currently working with us. We have welcomed new franchisees from all walks of life to join our team and bring their energy to the business. With this, it is truly impossible to say what the average Not Just Travel Consultant looks like!

In 2018 we welcomed our youngest consultant, Frazer. At the time of joining, Frazer was 19 years old, and after reviewing the packages available he purchased the Elite package (our most popular package). He has developed remarkably since he started with us, and is excited to continue to grow his business. Another one of our younger consultants Matthew was born in 1996. He has also made exceptional progress since he started last year. Lisa joined the business in 2015, and at the modest age of  61 at the time of joining is one of our oldest consultants. She has used her life experience to build a very successful business with us, and now is looking to build a comfortable retirement strategy.

We also have a wide range of consultants from many ethnic backgrounds. Our first ever consultant Agata is originally from Poland. She has used her polish heritage to market directly to Polish residents in the UK and provide exceptional service by eliminating the language barrier that can sometimes occur when selling to a non-native English speaker. She now lives in Malta working remotely from there, servicing existing customers and receiving new enquiries from referrals. Many of our other consultants have used their heritage as a way of connecting with their communities and building trust from the exceptional service they are able to provide.

There is also an incredible amount of diversity in our business from many different vocational backgrounds. The change of lifestyle is a massive selling point for many franchisees, and as such we welcome many career based consultants who, after several years within a specific profession decide that they don’t want to work long hours and deal with the commute any more. Rachel and Colman are a couple who joined from the police force. They welcomed the reduced hours and stress that came from being home based entrepreneurs. Ian and Susan were also tired of the long hours they were working in their respective jobs and wanted to see more of each other. One of our most recent starters Faye purchased a supreme package after the sale of her and her ex-husbands house. The windfall she received gave her the opportunity to take advantage of the incredible investment the supreme package is and is confident to build a successful business for her and her son to benefit from.

Whilst we can celebrate the diversity of our field consultants, it is important to recognise the one thing they all have in common:

All of our consultants saw the amazing opportunity that purchasing a travel franchise was, and were willing to change their lives and begin the first steps of their new journey with us.

NJT Annual Conference 2018

Training weeks are filling up fast for 2019! If you want to book your next place on training you can book a call with Paul after watching the videos in our education centre. We are Not Just Travel, and we hope you will be too!

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