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What is peaks and why is it a great time to launch a travel agency?

Q. What is ‘peaks’?

The start of the year has always been a busy time in the travel industry with tour operators launching campaigns and special offers to compete with the January high-street sales and encourage travellers to book their holidays early. The upward trajectory in bookings and enquiries led the travel industry to nickname the January-March season ‘peaks’ or ‘wave’ for those selling cruises.

Q. Why is it so hectic for agents?

Savvy agents work hard to promote the special offers to customers to secure more holiday sales, because the more bookings they make, the more commission they get. Commission varies but is anywhere from around 10-20% for every holiday sold.

Q. What are the long-term benefits of ‘peaks’?

Because our consultants offer incredible customer service, repeat business is high. Secure more bookings in ‘peaks’ and the rest of the year will be good too, due to more repeat bookings and referrals.

Q. What was January 2023 ‘peaks’ been like for consultants?

Our consultants booked 45% more holidays in January 2023. Our top sellers sold £100,000 to £500,000-worth of trips. Established consultant Ben Casey saw his bookings increase by 30% in January 2023 to £324,000 compared to the previous year.

Q. If I join in February 2024 is it too late to take advantage of ‘peaks’?

No. ‘Peaks’ continues into late March and if you join and train in February you can still enjoy strong holiday sales and attend our mentorship retreats abroad in the spring with one of our co-founders Steve Witt or Paul Harrison. Many say the retreat is worth the franchise fee alone.

Q. If I miss training before or during ‘peaks’ should I wait until next year to join?

No. Post-pandemic our agents report that their year-round sales are busier than ever and our Business Development Managers help every consultant improve their marketing to grow their customer base. They will teach you how to ‘warm up’ leads ready for the next peaks too.

Q. What is the Peaks Portal?

This is a new initiative which helps consultants deliver compelling social marketing campaigns without spending much time – and at no cost whatsoever. Every agent can access a week-by-week dashboard designed to make selling dream holidays a dream by polishing up their business’ online presence. It includes pre-designed, read-made videos and scripts, social banners and tools to record polished selfie messages.

Many agents report incredible success.

Consultant Helen Gage, who sold 20 holidays in January 2023 alone, says: “I used it to create a social media video at Christmas in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate. It got thousands of views!”

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