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What our IFA membership means for you

Did you know that we’re a member of the prestigious International Franchise Association (IFA)?

It means that you can be sure you’re working with a partner who’s in it for the long-term.

If you aren’t aware of them, the IFA protects, enhances, and promotes franchising worldwide, through a strict code of ethics and conduct for its members.

The core foundation of their membership is based on 3 guiding principles.

1/ Trust, truth and honesty

Members of the IFA – and their franchisees – are expected to operate under a mutual commitment to openness and honesty. As the IFA explains:

“A positive image and reputation will create value for franchisors and franchisees, attract investment, help capture additional market share, and enhance consumer loyalty and satisfaction.”

Source: International Franchise Association 2022

Franchisees rate us 5 stars on Trustpilot

2/ Mutual respect and reward

A franchise can only succeed if its franchisees attain their goals.

Likewise, franchisees need to support their franchisor, or there can be no support that enables them to trade.

Because of this principle, we’re able to continually invest in the back-end of the business. That means providing more training, mentorship, marketing, sales and business development year-after-year – at no additional cost, regardless of when you joined.

And we’re proud that we’re able to individually provide award winning support to franchisees daily as they grow their own businesses – with glowing feedback to match.

3/ Open and frequent communication

Franchising is a unique form of business relationship, because the franchisor and franchisee have a huge amount of interdependence.

In the spirit of open and frequent communication, we make sure you’re constantly up to date with everything that’s happening in the wider franchise – both strategically and day-to-day.

When you join, you’ll get access to The Hub. It’s where all company information and updates are kept if you need to find them. We also post daily updates in our private Facebook groups, including livestream videos and operations data.

You can take a quick look at The Hub with co-founder Steve in the video below.

Talk to us today if you want to know more about setting up a travel business from home with a partner for the long-term.

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