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What would your dream office look like?

One of the most valuable aspects of becoming a business owner is the opportunity to create your very own dream home office! With zero travel time and no fighting over clean teaspoons, working in a home office has many amazing benefits over the dreaded daily commute. Many of our consultants share photos of their home offices, and they range in style from modest desks to fully fitted external units. One thing they all share in common is the passion put into them from each franchisee. Whilst many aspire to larger and more luxurious spaces, we all understand that the most important thing is the ability to create a space that works for you. Do you have any ideas for the perfect home office? Check out a selection of our franchisees offices below! Aside from the common world map, franchisees also have some help from pets too! One of the most impressive office spaces we saw was from Gilly. Gilly converted a garage space on her property with the help from her Husband and Step-Son into an amazing work space and meeting room for potential customers to discuss their holiday plans in comfort. We recently featured an article on the grand opening of her office, as it’s definitely something to show off! Take a tour via the video below!
  If you want to take the next step in becoming a business owner and working the hours that suit you from the comfort of your own home/outhouse, then watch all the videos in the Education Centre and book a call with Paul!
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