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What You Could Be Selling As A Travel Agent

With our franchise, you could be booking a dream holiday for your customers with a £0 deposit. They’d pay nothing to book their holiday, but would simply spread the cost over a specified period with the tempting direct debit scheme.

By joining to start your instant travel business you could be offering an HTOL Peace Of Mind Guarantee Booking, with ZERO DEPOSIT when signing up to the monthly Direct Debit scheme. A great differentiator for your business and talking point in which to generate enquires.

This week it’s all been about the build-up to Black Friday…

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With a great range of products across beach, city, and luxury breaks across 2021 and into 2023, this is the perfect time to get business-ready following our online training and enjoy a booking boom.

Not only this your franchise will get instant access to all the marketing, offers, and social media graphics that support you to get the word out there.

What’re our top-selling destinations right now?

  • Spain
  • USA
  • UAE
  • Greece

Why is the direct debit offering such a great feature for your instant travel business?

Paying via direct debit brings many benefits compared to other payment methods. As well as being hassle-free, it gives your customers the opportunity to get a dream holiday without the obligation to pay the full balance in one go.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll be able to share with everyone you know to get those first enquiries rolling in following our highly-rated online training.

1. Breakdown the cost
Setting up a direct debit to pay for the holiday allows the customer to pay for it in smaller chunks, making it more affordable for them. Plus, they won’t miss out on those fantastic timely holiday deals because they can’t afford it right away.

2. No missed payments or risk of cancellation
When they set up a direct debit with your travel business, the system will automatically collect the amount agreed on the same date each month, so they don’t have to worry about missing any payments and neither do you.

3. Pay up to six weeks before departure
In all other cases, the customer is required to pay the full balance of their holiday 14 weeks before departure. With a direct debit, the full balance is due six weeks before departure, giving them longer to pay off their holiday.

4. No hidden fees or extra costs
The direct debit service doesn’t incur any extra charges unlike other payment methods such as credit cards, so you can give your customers peace of mind that they know exactly what they’re paying for.

5. They’re in control
By setting up a direct debit to pay for their holiday with your business, they will be able to choose the number of installments they wish to make.

Below are some examples of the offers our trade team communicates to our franchisees on a weekly basis…

Ready to start earning commissions from booking holidays? Book your call-back here as a next step, or watch the 8-part video tour here.

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