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Where Are They Now? Nearly 1 Year On

Both Ross and Zoe joined the last training group of 2020 to start their at-home travel business. Nearly a year into their journey we ask: Where are they now?

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Zoe Harmer joined with our Lite Package which starts at £2,995.

Zoe Harmer

“Nearly a year on, it’s gone very well.

I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends, they all refer people to me which has been amazing. I get both bookings from people I know and people I’ve never met before, so it’s a mixed bag.

In fact, I just did 2 big bookings that are departing in November this year which is great for commissions.

I’m getting a lot of people booking with me who’ve never used a personal travel consultant before. The pandemic changed the game as there is less trust and confidence to go online. Previously DIY bookers, people are saying that they will never go anywhere else after booking their holiday with me.

Nearly a year on, I didn’t expect to reach the platinum level so soon and reach over £20k of commission. My next goal is to get to platinum level 1 in the franchise.

The first-ever big booking I did was the biggest highlight of the year.It was really exciting.

A big family holiday to Orlando, including car hire and Disney park tickets. It came in at £17,500!

Although this holiday was delayed and rebooked, later on, it actually resulted in it becoming a £19,900 booking so the commission went up.

It’s worth saying how much I love the Climate Hero initiative at Not Just Travel, it’s another differentiator for my business.

Customers can feel good about booking a holiday with me because they know it will help to restore the planet. With each booking, there is a small contribution that goes to the 5 rewilding projects around the world. From restoring native woodlands in Scotland, to bringing back wildlife ponds that capture and lock away carbon.

As part of Not Just Travel and in partnership with Mossy Earth, I’m also planting 4 native trees each month as a business to do my bit.”

Zoe Harmer, Travel agent

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Ross Johnson joined with our Elite Package an investment of £14,995.

Ross Johnson

“It’s been a lot of hard work and sometimes late nights. But it has all paid off.

I won the Money-Back Challenge this year, so all those initial set-up costs are now for FREE.

The money I paid to join, get trained, get instant access to the suppliers (not to mention all the support I’ve had to date to build my business to where it is today) – I now get all of it back!

My total commission earnings to date are £40k, which I’ve now made on top of getting a free franchise.

More recently I got involved in the Climate Hero initiative at Not Just Travel.

When you join Not Just Travel you have the opportunity to be part of the amazing environmental initiative. Rebecca Woolford heads up the project.

In simple terms: Every booking can help to protect and restore our planet, so your customers can feel even better about going on holiday!

My travel business is continuing to grow and I have a very exciting journey ahead of me.”

You can watch an interview with both Ross and Zoe here. In which Co-Founder Paul interviews them and talks about their successes.

Please note: This interview was in February 2021.

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