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Why a family-run business has a head start

At The Travel Franchise we have numerous successful family-run home-based agencies which is not surprising when you consider that two-thirds of all companies are family controlled.

Benefits include improved communication, trust, shared common goals, a combination of skills, flexibility and… the chance to travel together and call it work!

Successful family-run consultancies include:

Dynamic duo, Isobel and Mark, who sold £1 million-worth of holidays in one month alone last year

“We start work by going on a walk along the beach together and discuss how business is going, priorities for the day or week and our long-term goals, as well as how we’ll achieve them. It’s a really good way to start the day. It helps us get through any issues we’ve got with the business.”

Mark and Isobel

Sisters Lesley and Nicole who achieved over £140k in sales within four months despite only working part time

Lesley and Nicole

Says Lesley: ““Nicole and I have always been incredibly close…I couldn’t imagine being in business with anyone else. There’s no clock watching. You’re never thinking, ‘I’ve worked more hours than them’ as you know implicitly, they work as hard as you do.”

Husband and wife team, Candy and Nathan, who launched their business in December and sold £70k-worth of holidays just a month later despite never working in travel before

“My job is to get Nathan the enquiries and I handle all the sales and marketing. Nathan does all the searching and sourcing and builds exceptional itineraries.”

Nathan and Candy

Married couple Matt and Ash, who want to find the perfect holiday for clients

“It sounds like an excuse to go on loads of holidays together, but that’s what we want and you can take bookings anywhere in the world as long as you have got a laptop and an internet phone line.”

Matt and Ash

Lee and Louise sold £174,000-worth of holidays in March alone

Lee and Louise

“Both of us were fed up with the corporate life and the nine-to-five. Now I get to talk about holidays and look at hotels all day!”  

Alison and Tim, former teachers who are married and love their new career path

“I guess you’d describe us as a serial networking couple. Between us, we network around three to four times a week, online or in person.”

Alison and Tim

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