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Why Elliott is quitting his day job to become a full-time travel consultant

Elliott, a university graduate who had never worked in travel, invested in a franchise with us at just 23 years old.

Like many of our franchises, he saw it as a sideline, a way to earn money and build a business in his spare time, with a little help from his partner Bethan.

Nearly five years later business is so good he’s quit his full-time event management job to focus on his travel agency from January 2024.

“I’ve been running my travel agency alongside my other job which means I kind of do this evenings and weekends so it’ll be nice to be able to be solely focused on just the travel business and see where we can take it.”

“Last year we did around £700,000 in sales which was great and this year, every month’s been better. We’re on track to take over a million.”

With average commissions of around 10 per cent it’s proved a profitable sideline!

“When I first started out, it was kind of like, we’ll see what happens, but business is great with good referrals and recommendations. Now is the time to kind of take that next step and go full time to be able to focus and be more proactive rather than reactive.”

But it isn’t all about money. Elliott is looking forward to working from home and having more flexibility, especially since he got married to Bethan in September (yet still managed to take a record number of bookings that month!).

“My partner and I got married in Vegas in a really cool kind of venue in the desert and then we had a two-and-a-half week honeymoon around America. We are looking to start a family and going full time with the agency means I will have the freedom to be more in control of any lifestyle changes that may happen.”  

That said, Elliott is also hoping to travel more often.

“The good thing is I won’t need to worry about annual leave so I’ll be able to go on more fam trips should the opportunity become available.”

If you join us, you too could travel on agent educationals (fam trips) or join one of our free company mentorship retreats, led by our co-founders and designed to help you learn and explore a popular tourist destination. 

Elliott loved our Millionaire’s Retreat in Morocco and found Paul Harrison and Steve Witt’s advice extremely valuable.

“They inspire you to think big and not to put a limit on what you can achieve.”

If you’re thinking of joining, you may wonder: What is Elliott’s secret to success? And could you do it too? We’ve helped hundreds of people with no experience in travel skyrocket their business and you simply have to follow our proven business model which includes tips on how to find customers.

Most of his 600 clients come via networking groups including Business Network International (BNI).

“A lot of my business now comes from repeat business, referrals and recommendations.” 

And Elliott believes a lot of his success is purely down to hard work, consistency and attention to detail.

“Many clients want to know I’m there if they need me. I take care of everything and they can concentrate on just having fun. We’ve kind of got people who trust us, people who like the way we work which means it’s kind of naturally organically grown. 

“Time has played an essence, but we haven’t ever kind of stopped. The biggest factor is showing up every day, making sure I do what I do, say what I’m going to do and then letting that hard work pay off.”

That said, we are also proactive in drumming up business for our consultants like Elliott, without them having to do any more work. 

This year we launched a new WOW travel deals app, which notifies clients of special offers every couple of days. 

“I’ve never wanted to grow my business purely on social media, but the WOW app is a nice way of having a touch point with clients without being annoying or pushy and without doing a huge amount of hard work.”

And it’s clearly worked.

“We’ve had some nice offers, especially some of the cruise ones, where I’ve booked 12 people at once that have just seen it. They’ve said: ‘That’s too good not to book’, so yeah, it’s definitely got its perks.”

So would he recommend the job to others? 

“As long as you work hard, follow the model and believe in yourself there’s no reason why you can’t make a success out of it. What you put in is what you get out. It’s great to see how much Not Just Travel is growing and how many people are doing so well. ”

If you are interested in testing our business model in your spare time like Elliott, get in touch. Over the last year we have seen rising demand for personal travel consultants and our franchisees have seen record sales. 

If you’d rather research before chatting, we recommend watching our Discovery videos, ordering a free magazine, reading our TrustPilot reviews and Googling our success stories in travel trade newspapers such as Travel Weekly and TTG.

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