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Why Faye ditched her 17+ year career for travel, health & happiness

“Life’s too short to be unhappy”

Those are the wise words of franchisee and travel consultant Faye Ford.

In this week’s interview, Head of Learning & Development Dave caught up with Faye to learn more about her story.

She explains how a 17+ year career in the police was leaving her unhappy and unfulfilled – and why she finally took the leap to self-employment as a travel franchise owner.

She says

“I looked a couple of years ago before lockdown and it just wasn’t the right time. And then I was really unhappy with the police. I wanted a new challenge and just everything aligned together.

I saw the opportunity for The Travel Franchise… and took it!”

Faye says that she’s swapped being unhappy for something that’s leaving her happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

“I’ve come from an environment where you learn about things, but it’s not good for your soul.

But everything to do with travel and with The Travel Franchise it’s really interesting and it’s really positive.”

Faye also has advice for those wondering what it takes to succeed in this industry.

“You’ve got to really want it. You’ve got to put in the hard work. And you have to listen to the advice that you get.

But life’s too short to be unhappy and stuck in something feeling miserable. Now I’ve got this brilliant business that I enjoy coming to work in every day.”

And she’s delighted with the support she’s had along the way.

“It’s that continuous support and the training that I’m really, really happy with – there’s lots of hand-holding to help you through”

Watch more from Faye’s conversation with Dave below

With a young family – and another sideline as a wedding photographer – Faye certainly epitomises entrepreneurial spirit as well as a get-up-and go attitude.

Learn more about her story in the full video here:

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