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Why having the Climate Hero programme is getting me more customers

Every business needs to stand out in order to get attention.

But what if simply doing the right thing, was the right thing to do for your business?

When you start your travel agency, you’re automatically eligible to be part of the Climate Hero programme.

It allows customers to make an optional contribution from their trips, to support lots of different projects.

It could be restoring lost woodlands in Scotland or helping seagrass meadows in Portugal bring back marine life, among others. The Climate Hero programme means your customer’s holidays will help lock-up carbon and better protect nature.

Customers already want to be part of the solution

A study by The Institute of Customer Service predicts that environmental sustainability will continue to grow in importance.

They state it could become one of the key purchase factors for up to 55% of customers within the next 5 years. 

The research also revealed that:

  • 75% of consumers expect businesses to help them be greener and 
  • 83% of consumers say businesses should be doing more to be environmentally sustainable.

It’s clear that doing the right thing can be a huge positive for your business too.

Our travel agency owners have seen huge success by having the Climate Hero initiative as part of their business.

Travel Consultant Alison Claire Cooper told us:

In a meeting the other week, I just said a one-liner about the Climate Hero and immediately got a new connection who wants to book through us because of it!

And Rachel Tredwell (pictured above) has been featured in multiple business titles, speaking about the benefits of the programme. She said:

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from existing customers, new prospects and local businesses when they hear about Climate Hero. We all know people respond to stories and, when your holiday can help reverse centuries of ecological damage, these stories are worth telling.

The Climate Hero programme is included in all franchises

We make it easy for you, your customers – and the planet – to benefit, as our Climate Hero team will have everything in place for you to participate from day 1. 

Adding the contributions from customers is easy when you make bookings. 

And you’ll get all the marketing materials & help you need, with graphics, social posts, pre-written emails, videos and webinars all created for you to take advantage of.

You can catch up with our latest Climate Hero project update from our partners Mossy Earth below.

Would you like to own a travel business that gives back? Watch our online presentation or book a call with us to learn more.

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