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Why I’m so excited to upgrade from Lite to Elite

Not everyone can – or wants – to quit a career to kickstart a new business without knowing it will be a success.

That’s why our low-cost, low-risk Lite Package attracts many savvy entrepreneurs, like Dale Sidebottom, who joined in July 2021 and continued to work full time for a finance company.

Dale loved our flexible, low-cost, low-risk ‘Lite’ package but upgraded to ‘Elite’ when bookings soared.

Find out why in his video below.

Dale’s hard work has paid off

A busy man, it’s not unusual for him to start work at 7am or work at midnight. 

But being his own boss means he can juggle both jobs while building his ever-increasing book of travel clients.

His hard work has paid off and, in January 2023, he will ditch his career in finance to become a travel consultant full time.

Dale says: “The Lite Package allowed me to grow my company on my terms. It gave me the freedom to test it worked and to understand and nurture the business before fully committing.”

Dale originally met with a couple of other franchise companies in 2021 but says their offers were too restrictive. 

“The Travel Franchise’s Lite option offered a much better flexible solution enabling me to upgrade, if and when I was ready.”

Upgrading was an easy choice

Although Dale joined on the Lite package, after seven months his business was growing so quickly, he decided to upgrade to our most popular Elite package in February 2022 and take advantage of added benefits.

“The Elite offers better commissions, a retreat where you get a luxury overseas holiday with workshops and mentoring, plus the ability to join the Cruise Mastery programme enabling me to become a much better consultant with greater opportunities. 

As all of our consultants can work anywhere in the world, Dale is planning a world tour to explore Dubai, South Africa, Thailand and Australia in 2023. 

He’s also planning a cruise with two consultants that he trained with when he first joined The Travel Franchise.

“I really encourage other agents to talk to as many people as possible when they set up business and to be mentored by an Elite.”

Dale is also keen to get his hands on some of the new initiatives we have launched recently including the concierge service and new deals App. 

With 23 enquiries currently on the go, plus some big recent bookings – a £30k holiday to the Caribbean and a £38k vacation to Disney –  Dale is understandably buoyant.

“I’m so excited about what 2023 will bring”.

If you, like Dale, are interested in selling holidays in your spare time, you can find out more about our low-cost Lite package online by watching our Discovery Tour

You can also find out about our most popular Elite package which offers a range of additional incentives for people who want more than a side hustle.

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