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Why our Business Development Team is even bigger than before

One of the biggest reasons our homeworking travel consultants are so successful is due to the support we give them.

And if you join now, you’ll be launching your business at a time when we’ve got the biggest and best team in our history.

Our team of expert Business Development Managers (BDMs) have years of experience in the travel industry – and this team is on hand to help every single one of our franchisees grow sales.

This month, November 2022, we welcome our 9th BDM, Debra Leavy, which means we have the best BDM:consultant ratio in the travel franchise business.

More BDMs means that every agent gets more personalised time and attention from a support member focused on helping them grow their agency.

Each BDM has experience at different stages of a consultant’s journey and provides advice that’s relevant to each individual business owner.

Take, BDM Paula Barker, for example, who looks after anyone who joins our flexible, low-cost Lite package.

Paula was a manager at Thomas Cook for 22 years and our consultants say she makes a difference every day with her vast travel knowledge and operational experience.

“I work with the Lites to help them grow their business, convert bookings and help advise on which supplier to use for the specific enquiry.”

Paula, BDM

BDM Nicky Bird also helps consultants who are relatively new to the business.

Nicky worked for TUI for 10 years and was also employed by several cruise lines.

“I am there to help everyone fresh off training and give them a four-week kickstart programme with ideas and inspiration to help them go out and promote their business to attract customers.”

So what do our agents think of Nicky?

“Nicky Bird is insightful, supporting, informed, approachable, engaging and just downright fabulous!”

Matt Phillips, travel consultant

BDMs like Nicky also help develop bespoke business plans.

“A business plan has to work around their lifestyle. Some consultants have another career, for others this may be their full-time job.”

Nicky Bird, BDM

When consultants move up Not Just Travel’s career path or ‘success ladder’, they move to a different BDM to get help from BDMs such as Gary, Jake, Leanne and Natalie who offer more of a mentorship role, helping consultants grow their business even further.

“All the BDMs (and there’s nine of us now) have a wealth of experience and different skill sets – we are all useful at some point! We tailor our recommendations as a consultant’s business grows, in terms of marketing, social media and closing complex, high-ticket sales.”

Nicky Bird, BDM

Dave Pope, an industry veteran of more than 30 years, assists our selling ‘Diamond’ agents who have achieved £500,000 in commission.

“Your BDM should become your best friend. Not to ring up every minute, but if you have an issue with a customer or you’re unsure what to do in a new situation. I use my BDM a lot, I can bounce an idea off him and he can tell me if it’s a good or crazy idea.”

David Walker, Diamond agent

The company also has three more ‘niche’ BDMs – Duncan, Holly and Gemma – a dedicated team of cruise experts with years of experience cruising.

Any consultant who joins the Cruise Mastery programme can get access to our cruise BDMs and many are already finding this has helped them bolster cruise bookings.

Fancy joining the franchise with the best ratio of BDMs and letting them help you build your business? Watch our Discovery Tour to find out how.

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