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Why our new cruise website gives our agents the edge

Booking a cruise is big business.  ‘Big’ in that it offers possibly the best commission in the business. 

And ‘big’ in that it takes a lot of work and knowledge to get it just right. 

There are hundreds of cruise lines out there and tens of thousands of itineraries to choose from. And once you’ve chosen the cruise ship, which cabin is the best choice for your client? It’s a minefield. 

With so many options and combinations to choose from, no wonder many travel consultants can find themselves ‘lost at sea’ (sorry!) when it comes to booking a cruise. 

In fact, many shy away from booking cruises for this very reason and lose out on highly lucrative sales. 

Well, not any more. We’ve recognised the problem and come up with the solution: notjustcruise.co.uk

A cruise website is available only to our agents that sign up to our Cruise Mastery Programme.

This brand new, state-of-the-art website is unique to Not Just Travel and has been hailed as a ‘game changer’ in the industry, simplifying the whole process. 

In fact, there’s nothing else like it that compares. It places Not Just Travel on a whole new level – or should we say deck.

Duncan Croucher

“Having worked in travel for over 20 years, I know how this site is a game-changer for our consultants,” says Duncan Croucher, Not Just Travel’s senior cruise business development manager.

“Never before has anyone been able to see nearly all cruises out there in one place. It will cut down hundreds of hours of research and cross-referencing to allow consultants to be as efficient as possible in doing what they do best — selling.”

Using all the very latest technology, our consultants can now drill down through the thousands of cruise options in one go, with live availability and pricing. 

Agents can browse, search and filter for cruises by destination, operator, ship and more. They can view deck plans to help them choose the correct cabin; see live itineraries and have all the information on dining and onboard entertainment at their fingertips. 

If you sign up to our Cruise Mastery Programme you don’t just get access to the website. You also get invited on a free week-long Seminar at Sea, a cruise where you’ll not only get to experience a specific cruise ship, but you’ll also get training from experts. 

You’ll also get other perks including regular cruise training webinars, opportunities to tour cruise ships and access to specific marketing tools.

This new website is now the icing on the cruising cake. 

What makes it even better is that the site is customisable – so every travel consultant gets a personalised version of the site to prove to clients that they really are the ultimate cruise experts. 

It’s yet another demonstration that we are ahead of the game and happy to disrupt the market for results. 

Our cruise sales have doubled in the past nine months and now make up 25% of our business.  

So if you’re tempted to dip your toe in the water and launch your own travel business, then watch our Discovery Videos and jump onboard. 

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