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Why should I buy a travel franchise?

Why should I buy a travel franchise_

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Since the pandemic, getting away for a break is more important than ever, and as global travel resumes with customers desperate to catch up on missed holidays, industry experts say now is the perfect time to open a travel agency. By investing in the travel and tourism sectors, you can ride that wave to a successful future, and by buying into a franchise, you’ll have access to an established and proven business model. 

The advantages of owning a travel franchise 

With holidays high on everyone’s agenda, travel franchise business opportunities are on the rise, and with good reason. Investing in an established franchise is a great chance to start your own business, with solid backing and access to support and mentorship. 

Combine your passion with making money

If you have a passion for travel and enjoy exploring new destinations, owning a travel franchise is the ideal chance to combine your love of travel with the opportunity to earn a good income. 

Holiday companies encourage travel agents to immerse themselves in their products and destinations and learn about their specific holiday. 

Sometimes, the best way is to experience the holiday yourself, exploring everything the destination and accommodation offer. When it then comes to selling the package, you’ll know exactly what travellers can expect. Often called familiarisation trips, or fams, the trips are typically cheaper or free depending on who funds the educational trip. 

You should also research locations, and while the internet is a great source of information, there are also plenty of webinars and trade shows run by tourist offices and tour operators to help you gain knowledge and useful contacts.

Work from anywhere

There is little doubt that access to the internet has made it possible to work remotely – from the comfort of your own home, a local coffee shop or even from a quiet little Greek island. Providing there’s a stable internet connection, you have a laptop capable of running the programmes you require, and a good mobile phone, you can work anywhere. 

Because there’s no need to invest in a shop, start-up costs are lower than if you had to consider rent, office equipment and more. 

The opportunity to have a side hustle

Being part of a franchise allows you to run your business the way you choose while still without giving up your current job and salary. Perhaps you want to top up your income or test the waters to see if you can earn enough to make it your career.

A franchise provides the flexibility to run your life the way that you want to, and whether you plan on working part or full-time hours, it’s your choice.    

You have access to all the knowledge you need to be successful

Investing in a successful franchise company means joining an established business model. Delivering training, support and giving access to travel providers, the knowledge to develop a solid brand has a proven track record on which to model your agency.   

Over half of independent travel agencies fail within the first two years, but around 90% of franchise holiday businesses are turning a profit across the same time frame. 

Explore travel franchise business opportunities 

Specialising in a particular type of travel allows you to really deliver a specific package, and become the go-to agent for that genre, building a reputation for excellence. By developing expertise in that market, you’ll have the ability and knowledge to provide exactly what your customers want.

Travel franchise business opportunities include:

  • Luxury travel – from exclusive hotels to remote encampments in unique locations, this is a highly sought-after sector 
  • Cruise holidays – cruising around the Caribbean or heading into the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights, cruises are a huge growth area with big commissions
  • Adventure experiences – adventure holidays can offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for example climbing Mount Everest, walking the Great Wall of China, or scuba diving in the Red Sea but can require some lengthy planning
  • Weddings – destination weddings are hugely popular, and many see getting married on an exotic beach against the setting sun, as the height of romance
  • Safari holidays – heading to Africa to see the big five in their natural habitat is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for many, a dream trip for which they are happy to pay more than an average beach holiday

Why should I buy a travel franchise with The Travel Franchise? 

The Travel Franchise is an established, authoritative name in the holiday market, allowing franchisees to invest in, and run, their own travel agency from home. Winners of the Homeworking Agency of the Year five times in a row, you’ll benefit from a proven training and mentorship programme. The package includes a network of supportive professionals, marketing materials, and software programmes. 

The ability to take people with no prior experience in the holiday industry and transform them into successful travel agencies is unique to The Travel Franchise. No other company has helped so many people start businesses that are both profitable and fun.

You are your own boss 

Investing in your own travel franchise means you can run your business the way you want, when you want – you don’t have to answer to anyone else. Under the umbrella provided by The Travel Franchise, you’ll enjoy unrivalled support and industry knowledge to build your brand. 

You choose whether you want to specialise in a particular niche, such as destination weddings, skiing or adventure holidays. It’s also up to you if you want to grow your franchise while continuing in your 9 to 5 role until you reach a scale at which you’re happy. While, for parents, a franchise is ideal, giving you the freedom to work around the school run and summer holidays. 

It’s hugely rewarding

A travel franchise is extremely rewarding if you love travel and helping people. You’ll spend time researching unique locations, learning about the local wildlife and indigenous people, and discovering what goes on in the region. Not only will you make people’s dreams a reality, but you’ll also earn a good income doing so! 

You gain instant access to The Hub knowledge centre and ongoing training

The Travel Franchise sets you up with everything you need to start a successful travel agency. The Hub knowledge base provides information in easily accessible formats, alongside full, ongoing training and a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) to guide you every step of the way. Most new franchisees speak to their BDM every day for the first few weeks finding support and mentorship invaluable at a key time that they need it.

You can choose the package that fits you and your budget

With several franchise packages to choose from, each offering something different, you can select the one that suits your lifestyle, budget and goals. All give you a travel agency, ongoing training, your own website and access to The Hub, where information is at your fingertips. The packages also provide business software, details of travel suppliers and regular events to attend. 

Payment plans are available to help with the travel agency franchise costs. 

You get all the marketing materials needed to jumpstart your travel agency

Each franchise package provides everything you need to kick-start your travel agency with a Lite package providing a cheap and accessible starting point. The Elite and Entrepreneur packages also offer business cards, social media tools, access to the Elite Email Marketing System and the unique Money-Back Challenge, which could mean your business costs you nothing. 

The Supreme Plus franchise incorporates every feature from the previous packages, plus extras worth thousands of pounds. 

The current state of the travel industry 

The travel industry is recovering from the lows of the last two years, with the government’s drive to promote tourism leading the way. The Tourism Recovery Plan shows that as visitor numbers increase with many arriving in the UK from Europe and beyond, there is every reason to be optimistic. Overseas travel, too, is recovering with the WTTC (The World Travel & Tourism Council) forecasting that by the end of 2022, the sector will reach 85% of pre-pandemic travel levels. 

Many of The Travel Franchise’s franchisees are riding that wave and enjoying the benefits. David, a travel consultant who runs The Travel Snob, hit £10 million in sales in 2021 and is continuing to grow his business. Ross is another success. Investing in 2020, he made over £40k in commissions in his first year. 

If you want to join Ross, David and the other franchisees, check out The Travel Franchise

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