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Why talk with me?

If you have access to this website it mens you have watched our first look presentation and we have spoken briefly.
The first look presentation is designed to tell you the concept, so I prefer not to speak too much at this stage until the picture is painted clearly for you – which is what this site is for.

Having reviewed this information site it is important that we now speak.


Well you will have guessed from the two presentations and this website that we do not hard sell. So don’t think thats why I want to talk.

I dont do any outbound calls to pester you or put pressure on. We want people begging us to join, which happens every week.

The reason I want to talk with you is to ensure you understand all the different aspects of the business model and to get to know a bit about you.

If we are to be business partners and work together then its important to start building that relationship, as there is only so much we can show you online via a website or presentations.


Our business is always evolving and we often run amazing promotions to entice people to make their decision to join sooner rather than later. If we don’t talk you will never know what these are.

At any given point we have about 2500 people on our email list, all at varying stages of reviewing our business.

This makes me a busy man… 🙂

So it means I cannot answer questions via email as its hard to get full understanding that way and its very time consuming for me.

If you are going to join our business and pay £10K, £15K, or £25K then a bit of time on the phone is time well spent I am sure you would agree.

So regardless of whether we have spoken before, spoken at length, or even spoken recently, I encourage you to call me, email me or book a call with me and I can fill you in on all the exciting NEW things that are happening.

Its always about your timing so I won’t be putting any pressure on. Just a catch up conversation to see where we are both at.

Talk soon…

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