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Lite Package: Low Cost, Low Risk.

An instant, fully-featured travel business at a fraction of the upfront cost. Low cost, low risk, our ‘Lite’ franchise package comes with everything you need to make it a success.

Every month, thousands of people visit The Travel Franchise website. Looking to explore a better future for themselves, as a home-based Personal Travel Consultant.

A laptop, Wi-Fi, and a phone is all you’ll need, there are no big upfront costs like an office or an additional investment in tools and software.

Who’s joined as a ‘Lite’ and done really well?

Here are just a few examples of people who’ve joined with our ‘Lite’ franchise package and they’ve been flying ever since.

Zoe Harmer from Portsmouth joined as a ‘Lite’ franchisee and she’s been enjoying her travel business since she left training week. Discover her story here.

Zoe Harmer

Lynette Anderson from Essex joined as a ‘Lite’ too, and she’s been going from strength to strength. Read her story here.

Lynette Anderson

With just one training date left for this year, you can discuss your options and ask any questions you may have by booking in a call-back. Book your call with us here.

How does the Lite package monthly fee work?

The Lite package allows you to pay-as-you-grow with an upfront cost of £2,995* to start-up, then £299* a month.

To start a wholly independent, comparable travel agency (without any suppliers or holidays to sell), could require minimum capital & bonds in excess of £100,000.

Our Lite package delivers an instant travel business that’s ready to run from day one.

You don’t have to spend years developing a business model, back-office team and travel industry commercial relationships. Instead, you simply franchise our award-winning infrastructure, technology, commercial terms, brand recognition, and support.

Because we have hundreds of travel consultants, it allows us to bring that cost down to a manageable level for each individual.

You also do not have to pay the £299* monthly fee forever.

At any time in your first 3 years, you can upgrade to a larger franchise package and bring that down to our standard £99* a month management fee.

Your upgrade cost will be specific to you at the time of upgrading, but will be reduced by any net franchise fees already paid as part of the Lite package.

If you choose not to upgrade, the £299* a month fee continues.

This package is incredible value for money. We assume more risk by delivering a huge amount of set-up, support, infrastructure, and mentorship early in your business.

You get to spread the cost of that value over the life of your business, with the £299* monthly fee providing complete business infrastructure, administration, and growth mentorship on an ongoing basis.

The minimum term for the Lite package is 12 months.

What’s included?

Set-up and the initial training week
  • Self-paced pre-induction training
  • Business set-up guides
  • Full initial training like all packages
  • Onboarding with our training team
  • Regular webinars and live training
Websites and business technology ready to go
  • Your own personalised website set up and maintained
  • Your own business email address ready to use
  • Access to Vision, with all your business figures at your fingertips
  • The travel agent software you need (and training to use it)
  • Access to The Hub, where all the business information and news is available
Full travel agency benefits right away
  • Peace of mind with ABTA and ATOL protection for customers
  • Massive £2bn travel buying power for great customer prices
  • Millions of travel options to sell from including huge travel brands
Uncapped earning potential
  • Fantastic commissions of up to 60% of the total travel commission
  • Total earnings that are uncapped, you get the rewards for your hard work
Complete support & mentorship
  • We do all your back-end travel admin for you
  • Head office staff are on the phone and help desk 6 days a week
  • You get a dedicated Partnership Manager (previously called ‘Personal Travel Coach’). This is an experienced travel professional who is available daily to help with any questions you have. This alone is worth more than the monthly fee if you had to pay them yourself…
  • Access to our closed Facebook Groups with hundreds of other travel consultants to share with and learn from
Marketing help and material on-demand
  • Your website comes with pre-written blogs & offers from our in-house travel experts
  • Plus you can choose to use pre-written social media posts and you can share our top-of-the-charts Travel Podcast
  • You don’t need any other marketing material to get going, but…
  • … if you want business cards, clothing, banners and more, they’re all available to order from The Hub.

How to I make it work around my commitments?

  • You can do it part-time and fit it around your family life or another job
  • There’s no need for a shop or an office – do it from home

But don’t think this means you can’t be successful fast…

If I do well on the ‘Lite’ can I upgrade later?

You can upgrade with ease, at any time.

  • When you’re ready to scale up your business, you have a choice
  • Stick with the Lite plan with no pressure
  • Or get an upgrade to the Elite if you want to take it up a level

Want to know the best bit?

You don’t need any prior travel experience or qualifications.

More than 90% of the people who join Not Just Travel are not from within the travel industry or have any prior experience.

The common ground they all share is that they want to become their own boss, improve their quality of life, earn more money, and become part of one of the most rewarding and exciting industries on the planet.

Our Co-Founders Steve and Paul are in the business of creating entrepreneurs.

This Lite package was created especially to help even more people to become entrepreneurs and make their dream a reality.

Steve Witt and Paul Harrison

There is just one training date left for this year. Ready to get started or discuss your options? Book your call with us here.

*All prices are subject to VAT, which can be reclaimed when eligible

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