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Why this pair of franchisees are set to make £1million in sales

Why the Travel Franchise offers the’best overall package’

Lynne Friery runs her travel business in Glasgow with her husband Scott and spoke to us about her journey so FAR.

“I decided to start looking for a Travel Franchise after losing my brother a few years ago and realised that life was too short. I wanted to be doing something that I was passionate about –travel and everyone had always said to me that should have been my vocation in life! 

I had no previous travel experience other than going on holiday myself and helping to organise trips for friends and family.  I felt that the Travel Franchise offered the best overall package with the training, support and retreats that we would be able to go on to further develop and grow ourselves and the business. 

Scott and Lynne Friery

Taking advantage of the Money Back Challenge

Plus, no one else offered the option to make your franchise fee back which I thought that was an amazing opportunity if you did well with your business – which has thankfully worked out for us. 

Originally it was just going to be me in the business but when we had the opportunity for both of us to be trained as part of our Elite franchise package, I talked Scott into coming with me so that he could lend a hand and support if needed – which was invaluable during our first peak booking times in January!

A pivotal moment

Going full time was a big changing point for us as we were both working full time jobs up until then and travel was getting done in our spare time at evenings and weekends which left us very little time for anything else. 

Submitting my resignation – about a year earlier than I had anticipated – was the best decision ever!  I finished my ‘day job’ in early June.

‘The Travel Franchise make it all so easy’

The complications, legalities and administration with setting up and running your own travel business is huge. The Travel Franchise make it all so easy – they deal with all the paperwork, insurances, financial side of things and allow us to focus on finding customers, doing the quotes and sales, etc, with minimal fuss and stress. 

We have worked extremely hard ourselves putting everything into practice around full time jobs, which allowed Lynne to go full time with travel in early June. If you’re prepared to work hard, you can achieve so much – we are set to achieve £1million in sales this year!”

Do you want to join The Travel Franchise family?  Watch our introductory video to find out how to get started.

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