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You don't need
travel experience

We’ve proved anyone can do this, with enough passion and drive.

Since we launched our franchise operation, hundreds of people have gone on to start their own travel business under our umbrella.

99% of them had never worked in travel before. And over Âľ had never worked for themselves.

From estate agents, to biochemists, and marketing managers… we’ve seen a huge variety of people from different backgrounds who all decided we were right for their next chapter. 

Ben did it

Ben handed in his notice as Marketing Manager for McCarthy and Stone just 16 weeks after he sold his first holiday. He said “I started the travel company around my full-time job, but to be honest, it’s gone so well I couldn’t keep doing both.” 

Read Ben’s story here > 

Andy & Nicki did it

Husband and wife, Andy and Nicki, reached the Money Back Challenge (where you can earn your full franchise fee back) despite only working part time. Both started alongside full-time jobs, with Andy running an estate agency and Nicki in the NHS. 

Read Andy & Nicki’s story here >

Mike & Sean did it

Mike and Sean, best friends for over 17 years, achieved amazing success with their travel business, despite both maintaining their full-time roles alongside. Mike works as an Independent Financial Adviser and Sean works within the entertainment industry.

Read Mike & Sean’s story here > 

Hear from more successful consultants below.

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You’ll be able to
offer great holidays
at competitive prices

We are ABTA bonded and work with over 450 travel suppliers and over 45 key trade partners (KTPs) that work closely with us on strategic offers and exclusive deals.

Whatever travel you want to sell, you can do it.

You’ll have the ability to send families to Disney, book a couple on a cruise to the Caribbean, arrange Formula One trips for a stag do, book a school club on a competition trip or even send people on their honeymoon to the Maldives.

You’ll be able to work with a range of holiday spends, providing both holiday packages and tailor-made trips to meet a variety of requests.

  • Around 12 million travel options at any one time
  • There are over 450 main tour operators available to you
  • You’ll have access to trade only travel businesses and suppliers
  • Sell additions, car hire, travel insurance, tickets all to become a one stop shop

See more about the travel you can sell here.

And you'll be partnering with a company that's rated 'excellent' by customers

Our consultants are regularly rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot. It’s a completely independent reviews platform – you can see some of the latest customer reviews below.

The training is

You start your journey with a 5 day live course that teaches you the basics. All of our consultants love this week’s introduction and many of them go on to make bookings the day they qualify as a consultant.

This short video features franchisee’s reactions to their training week.

 We also now offer online training to make it even easier to get started.

Plus, there’s hundreds of hours of online courses & bite-size training to get stuck into on The Hub.

Your business could be totally free

Your travel business could end up costing you nothing with the Money-Back Challenge.

You can succeed just by selling holidays, with no gimmicks or crazy rules. Just a hit a sales target to hit to achieve the challenge. You can learn more about the challenge in our video tour.

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You get a Business Development Manager included

Imagine having a travel guardian angel. That’s what a Business Development Manager is.

Your BDM is there to help whenever you need them. You get introduced to them as you finish your training and then become part of their team.

They’ll be there to help you with any questions you might have, as well as providing tips, tricks and motivation (if you need it).

If you’ve never worked in travel before then this resource is priceless in your first few months as a self employed travel consultant.

"My BDM was
always with me"

My Business Development Manager was always planning with me even though I wasn’t actively working on the business yet. I was fully supported by the NJT team.


Sarah, Travel Consultant

"Helped with
my first bookings"

My first ever holiday booking was one week after the initial training. I needed help with the quote and my BDM helped me all the way through it.


Deepkamal, Travel Consultant

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Large enough to help you succeed, small enough to care that you get there

We’ve been in the travel industry since 2001. And we’ve built all the process, systems and teams to help you be an amazing Personal Travel Consultant.

They’re all there to support you as you grow your business.

Plus co-founders Paul & Steve are actively involved throughout the business every day to make sure everyone consultant gets the support they need.

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We’ll teach you exactly how to find customers

We’ve not only got the vehicle for you to have a travel business, we’ll teach you how to drive it with proven strategies, tactics and processes.

Your team leader and our head of sales will also be with you every step of the way to make sure you never have a question you can’t answer.

We've been Homeworking Agency Of The Year,
5 times in a row

Among our many awards, this is one that gives us the most pride. The only way to win this award is to have Travel Consultants excelling at running their travel business from home.

Given nearly everyone who joined us has never worked in travel before, it means our training & mentorship programs are delivering incredible results.

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Start a business
that gives back

Starting a business with strong environmental and social ethics creates a positive impact in communities. It speaks directly to a growing number of consumers and gives your business a way to make a positive difference.

The good news is when you join The Travel Franchise we make it easy for you as we already have everything in place for you to have an eco-friendly travel business from day 1. 

Learn how you can future-proof your business by being part of our Climate Hero program here >

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You don't have to
commit full-time

We know how to scale a travel business and we’re happy to show you everything you need to do.

But that doesn’t mean you have a boss.

This is your business. You can run it exactly how you want.

Unlike a lot of travel franchises, we don’t expect you to commit full-time right away.

You can do it part-time alongside another job (many franchisees do this at first).


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You’ll have the chance to earn more than in any other travel franchise

You’ll be able to earn up to 75% commission in your favour with us. That’s the highest in the industry. 

We also have exclusive lead-generation programs like Partners In Travel that will help you scale your customer base rapidly.

We have consultants who do this part-time and supplement their other income. 

We also have consultants who make well over ÂŁ100k a year, working from home.

Learn all about how commissions work here >

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You’ll get exclusive mentorship & business growth coaching

We run a number of exclusive mentorship programs for you to take part in. These won’t just teach you to be a travel consultant. They’ll teach you to become the best business owner you can be.

Mentorship depends on your package, but can include:

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You never have to go it alone

Our Facebook communities are highly active. Consultants & head office team members are always sharing tips, tricks and information there.

And we’ve got The Hub, where you’ll be kept up to date with everything you need to run your business.

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We’re always there to support you

Our office is open 6 days a week to help you with your travel bookings. And we provide emergency support if you ever need it.

But that’s nowhere near half of it. You get a Business Development Manager who’s by your side every single day and online help is just a click away. 

Plus, you get constant travel & business growth training.

Here are just 10 ways in which our team supports you…

  • You’ll receive a personal marketing website where people can find out about your you, your holidays, offers and inspiring content 
  • Our popular notjusttravel.com website receives 1,000’s of visitors every day. This website’s sole purpose is to drive more visitors through to our franchisees websites
  • Social Advertising Campaigns are run by our marketing team who can create, manage and optimise ads to help capture people searching for holidays in your local area, at an additional cost.
  • Our Email Marketing System (which you can opt-in or opt-out of) is a great way of keeping in touch with people that visit your site and sign-up for your newsletter
  • Weekly offers and blog articles are created for you to use on your own website
  • You’ll have access to exclusive business management systems like Vision. It’s built from the ground up just for our travel consultants and is simple to use.
  • Direct mail (letters) can be sent out in order to help you keep engaged with your customer base and encourage repeat bookings
  • We host live webinars which take place regularly that will be available to you. These are designed to inspire you, help up skill you in areas such as social media, how to find customers, how to sell certain products etc.
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You’ll be partnering with a company that excels at customer service

Customers love working with a Personal Travel Consultant that knows them.

They really appreciate someone who goes the extra mile instead of trying to do it all themselves.

See our latest live consultant reviews below.

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You’ll get Daley Thompson (CBE)
on your team

Regarded as one of the UK’s best Olympians, Daley won Double Olympic Gold in the hardest discipline of them all, the Decathlon.

If you ever need someone to inspire you to have a winning mentality, to never give up and to become the best you can possibly be, Daley is the man to do it!

In his role as Brand Champion, Daley regularly attends our events and annual conferences, helping motivate and inspire you to greater heights.

Watch more below.

And last but not least - you’ll get to travel more than ever!

Everyone who joins our business loves to travel. As a consultant, you’ll always be able to find the best deals (and of course, you won’t be paying another agent or website their commission!)

Join us for NJT Dream Trips

We go away together on optional holidays regularly. Trips planned include Costa Rica, Turkey & Jordan.

Plus we have our regular Ski Trips and Golf Society that you can join in with.

You can go on FAM Trips

While you can work from anywhere, it’s often ideal to visit the places you sell to your customers. That’s where things like FAM trips are invaluable. 

FAM trips are where you get taken away by travel companies so that you can learn how to sell their products. Free trips and more sales – what’s not to like?

Make money while you travel

The beauty of being your own boss is that no-one can tell you where or when to work. Many of our consultants meet some of their best customers while they’re on holiday themselves.

As long as you’ve got a phone and a computer, you’ll be able to make bookings wherever you are in the world.



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