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Why We Started A Travel Business In A Pandemic

Who’d join to start a travel business in a pandemic? Ross, Zoe, and Katie did.

Just 3 of over 100 people who joined in 2020, find out how they’ve been taking advantage of the current travel boom.

This is your chance to hear their stories in their own words. Simply click on the image below.

Highlights from the interview includes:

  • Hear about Ross’s first-ever enquiry following training being for a £20,000-holiday booking and what he did next.
  • Find out why these 3 decided to join, and why they’d encourage anyone to NOT wait until this is all over.
  • Discover what their personal message and ‘top tip’ is from them to you.

“It’s now or never. When I was furloughed it really made me think about life. Why not do something I enjoy. Why work in a job when I can have a passion”


“Mid November I was told what my redundancy package would be. On the day that I got my final redundancy, I got the welcome gift through the post from The Travel Franchise. I haven’t looked back since.”


“I’ve not been this busy in months. I remember catching up with someone over Christmas and they said, ‘you seem really happy’. My response word for word was, ‘I feel like I have a purpose again’.


If you’re thinking about joining the franchise, this is your chance to hear from someone who joined and started their travel business in the past 6 months. Click here to start watching.

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