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Why would people book with me and not online?

There are loads of reasons why people are choosing travel agents over booking online. Now more than ever. Check out our article 12 reasons why people book with Personal Travel Consultants here.

Why would someone book their holiday with you?

  • You’ll save them time… they don’t have to spend hours and hours searching online comparing and wondering what is the best holiday for their needs
  • You’ll be able to provide the best options with access to over 2000 travel brands
  • You’ll make their life easier, planning A-Z from the airport car parking to attraction tickets, flights, hotel, and everything in between to ensure a stress-free trip
  • You’ll listen to their needs and create a tailor-made experience not accessible online. Did you know 60% of suppliers’ holidays are not available online?

And that’s just the beginning… 

It’s up to you to personalise the experience and make it memorable so your customer never contemplated going anywhere else.

David Walker says it’s all in the small touches. Last Christmas he delivered gifts on the doorsteps of his customers as a thank you for their loyalty. Read his story here.

Hear from our franchisees…

Our video series ‘Five Faves’ plays homage to why our franchisees became personal travel consultants in the first place.

It’s not just a transaction, a number in the system or a commission (although being paid doing what you love is the best) it’s about creating special memories for people.

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