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Will you be there for me when I join?

One of the questions people have in their mind before joining is “when I pay my money will you actually be there for me?”
It is  natural question, as at this point we are unknown to each other.

The picture here is of our staff on our Millionaires Retreat.

Along with Steve and myself we had:

  • special guest speakers,
  • Business Development Manager,
  •  Training Co-Ordinator,
  • Senior Experience Manager
  • Accounts Manager

and a special guest photographer to record the memories of the trip and create a professional profile photograph for all new franchisees.

So again, we don’t just say we will be there for you…

… here is the proof.

and this is just one trip.

The Travel Franchise is a unique company in that we know you are going to need your hand holding for the first 6 months of your new venture – so we have the staff, systems and infrastructure to in place to support you.

Ready to join?

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