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Working from home successfully

How to work from home successfully when you have children.

Working from home can be a marvellous thing – but how easy is it to run your own travel business around your family life?

How to make my business successful working from home.

You really can be successful working from your own home, or even laying in a hammock as we found out recently. All you need is determination and a great business idea. We make that easy for you, what we offer is an amazing franchise opportunity that providing you take advantage of our coaching, support and training, you can become an extremley successful business owner with an uncapped earning potential.

Franchising is proven to be the safest way to set up a business with a recent showing  80% of franchisees profit within two years of starting their business

So now you know that the business side of things is taken care of, how would you manage to work around the kids?

How to work from home with kids and not go mad!

So the decision has been made, your commute has been reduced to 30 seconds and you will never miss a delivery parcel again. How does this work in practice? Luckily there are a few options that will keep your sanity intact and your business thriving.

  1. Work around your child’s routine. If you have a child that naps during the day you can take full advantage of this. Many parents work a few hours in the day during naptime using this opportunity to make and return calls and work on time sensitive projects then allocate an hour or two in the evening to admin. Using this method you get to spend lots of time with your children and keep your business lucrative.
  2. Share with your spouse. Dependent upon their work schedule you may be able to share the childcare and work whilst the other looks after the children. For example you could work whilst your partner takes over the dinner, bath and bed routine.
  3. Hire Help. You could look into having an au pair to assist you with childcare. This is an extremely cost effective option as they benefit from developing their language skills whilst living with you in return for a lower wage.
  4. School By far the best option, when you have children of a school age you can guarantee that from 9-3 you can work solidly every weekday.

So what are you waiting for?

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