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At The Travel Franchise, we understand the importance of investing in our staff. At our Head Office we spend significant sums ensuring we are well staffed and properly equipped to meet the demands of our field consultants. These investments range from employing key members to assist in bookings or marketing, as well as investing in the latest technology and hardware to meet the demands of 21st century operations.

We also invest heavily in our franchisees. Throughout the year we host a multitude of training and mentorship events to assist in increasing sales and building the business. By making these investments, we provide every franchisee with the opportunity to succeed in their business.

Our biggest incentive that we offer to all franchisees is our exclusive money back challenge. This challenge is available to all consultants regardless of the package they purchase. If you are able to make a set amount of commissions in the first year of your business, we will give you your franchisee fee back in full!

We are pleased to congratulate Derek and Michael, our two most recent winners of the money back challenge! Not only did they have an amazing first year establishing their business and making money from home, but they now have received their full franchise fee back in full.

To learn more about how you can qualify to receive your franchise for free, check out section 6 of our education centre. There you can find out more about this exclusive offer.

We love to engage with our consultants and talk with them about their journey with us. Every single one has a different inspiring story to share. Below you can see Paul chatting with Illesh, one of our supreme consultants who was also able to hit his money back challenge

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