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You simply have to see these holiday bookings (one will blow your mind)

Take a look at the kinds of holidays you could be sending people on right now – including a massive cruise booking.

As someone working from home as a travel agent, you’ll make all kinds of holiday bookings. 

These might be big brand names you already know, like Jet2, easyJet Holidays, TUI and more. Or, you might make a booking with a trade-only supplier. These are holiday companies who only sell through travel agents, so the public will never see the products they have on offer.

Regardless of the type of holiday, every time someone books through you, you’ll earn a commission.

Remember: The customer doesn’t pay more to book their holiday through you. 

The company pays the commission as you’ve sold their holiday for them.

That means, in order to get the best commission rates from those companies, you need buying power.

It’s why setting up a Not Just Travel franchise is the fastest way to success as an independent travel agent; you’ll be able to leverage our massive buying power and existing commercial relationships to secure great commission rates.

And there’s zero hassle – it’s all done for you.

So, all you have to do is make the bookings as their personal travel expert.

People are booking all kinds of holidays this week

Right now, our franchisees are making fantastic commissions on all types of holidays. They range from quick getaways to Spain right through to huge group bookings to America.

They’re also booking later than normal, with lots of interest in holidays that are for this summer. 

  • Over 70% of sales are this summer
  • 15% of sales are for people booking their winter breaks

That means now is the ideal time to have your business up-and-running and be making bookings for this autumn-winter season.

Top selling destinations in the last week include Spain, Greece, Turkey, USA, UAE and Italy across 2022 and 2023.

Turkey is one of the top selling destinations

Amazing commissions get earned every week

We also see fantastic bookings come through on a daily basis. 

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the most interesting bookings from the past week alone.

  • A month long trip to New Zealand for £15.7k
  • A holiday at Sandals in Jamaica for £17.2k
  • A 5 star stay with Beachcomber in Mauritius for £22k
  • A month in Argentina for 2 people for £23k
  • A 14 night luxury break to Tanzania for £23.4k
  • A 21 person group trip to Las Vegas for £42k

A group trip to Las Vegas will make around £5k in commission

And we’ve also had a monster £126,000+ cruise booking

Departing from the UAE and spanning over 80 nights, this booking is for later in the year and will make over £15k in commission alone.

Of course, not every booking can be this large.

There are also thousands of quick bookings that come through. The normal average commission value created is around (a conservative) 10%. So your typical holiday of £2,500 – £5,000 could be creating £250 – £500+ commission each time.

All these bookings were made by people new to travel

When you join, you’ll be guided step-by-step on what to do if you’re also new to travel. 

That doesn’t just include how to make bookings. It includes what kind of customers you should want – and how to go and find them.

There are regular training events held around the country as well as online

Your Partnership Manager will be there every day to help, as well as our huge support team in the head office.

What kind of brilliant bookings are out there, just waiting for you to make them?

Talk to us today about opening your own travel business from home.

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