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Your last chance to get the Limited Edition Lite package

Since we launched our Limited Edition Lite Consultant package last week, demand has been incredible.

In fact, we’ve had a record breaking week for new consultants joining this year, where we sold out of our first 10 Limited Edition packages.


They all realise that NOW is the time to get positioned and be making bookings, because the demand for travel in 2021 is already much higher than this time last year.

(And they took advantage of the extra commission you get in the Limited Edition package)

In travel, people normally book months in advance, and you get paid when they travel.

What’s happening now is that people are taking advantage of all the amazing travel offers and getting their 2021 holidays booked up.

In fact, John Hays, (owner of the UK’s largest high street travel agency) said this week that sales for summer 2021 were “excellent” and up on the same time last year.

As the person booking those holidays, that means you could be putting “money in the bank” for 2021 RIGHT NOW.

By starting as a Lite Consultant you can:

  • Do it part time
  • Build up your contacts and business
  • Get making bookings for next year, now!

We have just 8 places left on training this year, across 3 training weeks.

Here’s the great news. For those last 8 places only, we’re extending the Limited Edition special offer of extra commission.

The training weeks remaining are:

  • 19th October
  • 9th November (last place left)
  • 7th December

Grab one of our last 8 training places AND get the Limited Edition Lite Package before they go for good.

Start by watching our tour and then book your application call when you’re ready.

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