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Your very own Personal Marketing Website

Your very own Personal Marketing Website

As a travel business owner, it is important to ensure you provide legitimacy through a professional presence both online and offline.

Whilst we provide many different ways of training franchisees with expertise knowledge when speaking with clients, we also provide a framework for an online presence that is professional and impressive.

The first place all franchisees of The Travel Franchise can direct customers to is their Personal Marketing Website (PMW).

The Personal Marketing Website is your online profile for all customers who are enquiring with you about booking a holiday. It provides a ligitimate profile with a bio, holiday offers, blogs and even a link to your Live Bookable Website (LBW)!

We are very pleased with the investment we have made with this area as we know how much franchisees can benefit from having a clear landing page to direct traffic to through their various marketing strategies.

These websites are also customizable, with the option to add your own summary and blog posts to keep customers engaged and drive traffic to your business. Our marketing team can also push content to the site, keeping customers updated on new announcements from the business and other events we are eager to promote to your audience for your benefit.

The PMWs were a promise we kept from our announcements at the 2018 Annual Conference. At the 2019 Annual Conference we also made a number of obligations for 2020 to continue investing in the field and building each and every business to new heights.

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