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Great Relationships Achieve Extraordinary Things, Especially In Business

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re celebrating just a few of the fantastic duos who’ve joined to start their travel business together.

A successful duo can be a husband and wife, we’ve also seen girlfriends and boyfriends, sisters, mum and daughters, even best mates! All coming together to pursue their dream travel business.

Did you know? It won’t cost double to go into business together, in fact, you’ll pay just one franchise fee and you’ll both have a place in the initial training week at no extra cost. (This can no longer be guaranteed).

Husband & Wife, Mark and Isobel

The McCardies have loved all the travel opportunities that have come with being personal travel consultants. Read their story here.

Partners in life, Ben and Toni

Partners in their travel business since 2015, Ben and Toni are real grafters. They’ve become the go-to travel agents for the magical destination that is Lapland. Read their story here.

My top tip for any couples out there thinking about joining would be to look at each other’s strengths and focus on them.

Ideally, your strengths and weaknesses will compliment each other. 

For example, I am better at the systems and customer service side of things, Ben is much better on social media than I am.

The Robertson Sisters

Lesley and Nicole

These two sisters launched their travel business from home and after just four months had already turned over £143,000 in holiday sales. Read their story here.

Best Mates, Mike and Sean

After 17 years of friendship, Sean and Mike started their travel business together in 2019. Read their story here.

Retired Couple, Liz and Ian

Liz and Ian

Liz and Ian first became franchisees in December 2017. It was the perfect opportunity for them to pursue their life long dream of running a travel business. Read their story here.

What are the Pros of starting a travel business with someone you know?

  • Fewer surprises when you work with someone you know
  • You’ll share similar values and beliefs
  • You know each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Work is usually (not always) more fun with a best friend or partner
  • You won’t feel alone, you’ll be in it together

Thinking about becoming a Personal Travel Consultant, whether it be as a duo, or just yourself? Take the first step today by watching our FREE video tour to find out how it all works.

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