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Welcome To The Family, Faye Bearsby

Meet Faye Bearsby. She previously was an estate agent, for 8 years, where she met her husband, as well as worked in car sales. She loves speaking to people, being on the phone, helping customers. All great customer service skills which she’ll be able to transfer into her travel business.

Faye has been a full-time mum to twins for the last 7 years, which has been very hands-on. She is hoping to inspire other mums who might feel it’s ‘their time now’ too. After giving so much to raising children for so long, Faye is now ready to make this next chapter one where she can find herself, gain confidence, and get back to being her (whilst still being a mum).

What was your first-holiday booking like?

My first ever booking was for some excursion tickets. It was for some
friends of mine who wanted to go swim with whale sharks in Mexico. They had
already booked their hotels, flights elsewhere. Before I started my travel

My first actual holiday booking was to Mexico. It was for my brother in law. This was for him and his daughter, who are due to go there in August 2020.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

I love holidays and everything travel. After being at home for 7 years I wanted a change, I wanted to go back to work. It was time to do something for me.

My husband also has a franchise and works for himself. I’ve seen how far he has come and I wanted a piece of the pie as such. I love anything related to travel so I searched online.

I initially contacted another travel franchise company, before joining this one, but I was only there for a month, before deciding it wasn’t for me.

What made you choose the Travel Franchise in the end?

The business model worked really well for me. As I wanted to decide when I work, where I work, and how much I work. The Travel Franchise gave me this flexibility. My son has got disabilities, so I needed to be around for him still.

Also after speaking to Paul, he did remind me of my husband. He’s also very passionate about his business and I felt comfortable speaking to him which helped.

If this story has inspired you, watch the video tour to get started today. Alternatively, if you are ready for the next step, simply reach out to our team on live chat. Just click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

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