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Welcome To The Family, Julie Moss

Meet Julie Moss. Aged 50, Julie has no plans of slowing down. She continues to work part-time alongside her travel business and is also a Zumba instructor 4 evenings a week. Her fitness class is all about letting your hair down, and dancing like no one is watching. Julie said…

It’s a community. A way of giving back. I feel like I’m giving these amazing ladies a sense of freedom. We have such fun.

Since joining, Julie is looking to help friends, family, and this group of dancing ladies with their holiday bookings.

With singles holidays booming amongst women in the industry it’s a great market for Julie to tap into. Research has recently revealed that 68% of people who go on singles holidays are women, especially those aged 50+.

What was your first holiday booking like and who was it for?

It was a cruise booking for my brother, it was for his 50th birthday.

After the news of lockdown, the cruise ship docked out of Barbados. The last 9 days of his cruise he was unable to get off, so the PNO cruise gave him a credit. I’ve helped him rebook this cruise for next year, which he is really looking forward to.

Why did you decide to start your own travel business?

At my age, I felt like it was time to change my lifestyle. I wanted to be able to have money behind me as a single woman. I wanted to be more flexible and to have something on my own terms, where I could make money.

My background has always been travel. I was an overseas travel rep for 30 years. The only reason I came home was that my mum was ill, otherwise, I would still be out there now.

As a travel rep, I was living in Greece and Cyrpus in the Summer and in Wintertime I was in Goa, India. I love the people and the climate over there.

What made you choose The Travel Franchise in the end?

I have a good friend who use to be a travel rep. She joined The Travel Franchise a while ago so I messaged her asking what her experience was like. Within 30 seconds she responded with a link and recommended me.

Funny story… I then watched the video discovery tour for the next 3 days whilst on a sunbed! Paul called me on Christmas Eve, and we had a chat, I then paid my deposit on Christmas Day. It was a gift to myself and I can honestly say it’s the best present I’ve ever (or will ever) give myself.

My friend was an amazing travel rep and I knew I could trust her recommendation. If it was good enough for her it was good enough for me.

If this story has inspired you, watch the video tour to get started today. Alternatively, if you are ready for the next step, simply reach out to our team on live chat. Just click on the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

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